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British Eight Metre Association
Cowes Town
Royal Yacht Squadron
Sir Max Aitken Museum
International Eight Metre Association
Royal Corinthian Yacht Club
British Classic Yacht Club
Cowes Yacht Haven

British Eight Metre Association (BEMA)

The body co-ordinating activities in Cowes. Contact:

Royal Yacht Squadron (RYS)

The Organising Authority for the 2019 International Eight Metre World Championship at Cowes

International Eight Metre Association (IEMA)

The international body which regulates the Eight-Metre Class and supervises its regattas

British Classic Yacht Club (BCYC) Cowes Yacht Haven (CYH)

The main marina in Cowes where boats competing in the Eight Metre Worlds and the Panerai British Classic Week will be berthed

Cowes Town

The official Cowes guide from the Cowes Harbour Commission providing a wealth of useful information about Cowes and events there

Sir Max Aitken Museum

Named after its founder, the museum is housed in The Prospect on Cowes High Street where a Reception will take place during the 8M Worlds 2012

Royal Corinthian Yacht Club (RCYC)
The yacht club adjacent to the Royal Yacht Squadron which will host an evening barbecue during the 8-Metre Worlds
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